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Red Envelope Gift Set
Red Envelope Gift Set
Red Envelope Gift Set
Red Envelope Gift Set

Red Envelope Gift Set

REAL Series
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Ballet presents the Red Envelope Gift Set as the ideal choice for this year's holiday present. 

The newly designed packaging embodies the Red Envelopes traditionally given out during Chinese New Years, making these Gift Sets the perfect choice for a holiday gift for friends and family members, or even just as a stylish alternative to that Starbucks Gift Card you were going to give your friend for their birthday.

Although REAL Series physical wallets have a cryptocurrency primary account on the front side, each wallet does support holding multiple cryptocurrencies. To deposit different cryptocurrencies onto the wallet, please use the Ballet Crypto app ( You can deposit, store, and send more than 100 cryptocurrencies through the Ballet Crypto app.

Product name: Red Envelope Gift Set (3-Pack / 5-Pack)

Series: REAL

Primary account: Bitcoin

Width: 86 mm

Height: 54 mm

Thickness: 1.2 mm

Weight: 35 grams

Material: 304 stainless steel

Supported coins: 

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