24K Gold-Plated
24K Gold-Plated
24K Gold-Plated
24K Gold-Plated
24K Gold-Plated

24K Gold-Plated

REAL Series
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The Ballet 24K Gold-Plated REAL Bitcoin wallet is a premium edition of Ballet’s flagship REAL Series physical cryptocurrency wallet. Functionally equivalent to the standard stainless steel wallet, the exquisite gold-plated edition symbolizes Bitcoin’s status as digital gold. It comes in newly-designed packaging and includes an elegant acrylic display case for collectors to proudly showcase this exceptional work of art. This REAL Series is not only the world’s easiest cryptocurrency wallet, but also the most beautiful.

Even though Ballet physical wallets have one cryptocurrency address on the front side, each wallet supports holding multiple cryptocurrencies. To deposit different cryptocurrencies onto the wallet, please use the Ballet Crypto app (https://www.balletcrypto.com/app). You can deposit, store, and send more than 100 kinds of cryptocurrencies through the Ballet Crypto app.

Product name: REAL Bitcoin cryptocurrency wallet

Series: REAL

Primary account: Bitcoin

Width: 86 mm

Height: 54 mm

Thickness: 1.2 mm

Weight: 35 grams

Material: 304 stainless steel, 24K gold-plated

Supported coins:

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